Sunday, April 29, 2007

Over 6 Months Later And

it is time to get this blog rolling for real. No more fussing about my car because I still like it and have to say that it is officially the most expensive "beater" I have ever owned. (Note to self: Philly is not the place to park a nice car because the urban thuggary is just too great.) The lucky part is that I do not have graffiti down the side of it.

The good part is that I am hoping to change the focus of this blog back into what my original intentions and that is to spur on discussicussions about software. Currently, I am typing this post using a computer running Ubuntu 7.04 aka Feisty Fawn. Quite a departure from the Windows loving fool I once was. Only one note of is that I will not be including Mac discussions for now only because I do not have an Apple Mac and do not intend to get one in the near future. Although, I have been hating Vista now for over two months and every time I try to give it a fair shake it shows me at least three reasons why it does not deserve one. So I am still a lover of all things XP although I am getting quite tired of the start menu. Ubuntu and Suse flavors of Linux offer a nice refreshing look at how things could be if Microsoft could move away from that design from the mid-90's that is getting quite frightful.

So, were off to the races with a new board and a new set of posts. And most of all, I also plan to include photos that I take as well from trips and events. So here is to a new leaf and a new blog.


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