Sunday, July 29, 2007

Digital Photography

I have had my digital SLR now for 27 months now so I figured it was time I learned to get the most out of it by using some photo editing software. I found Picasa last year and it has taken me until now to take the plunge and learn how to use it. Vista is supposed to be more digital photo friendly, but I think that is a huge joke from the folks in Redmond that Vista is supposedly good. I have not seen a tool that is as quick or efficient as Picasa for the PC yet, but I have not tried the Photoshop suite of products including lightroom. Perhaps when I get more money from the possible sell of photos through some photo sites, I can move my photography hobby to the next level.

Speaking of photography, the picture on the left was taken while I was at L Winpaupack last weekend. I was very lucky because the paddle boat I was co-piloting nearly sank with my DSLR in my hands and my 28-200mm lens. The camera remained dry although my pants did get wet.

As far as life with Vista, everything is still in SNAFU mode but that is the way Microsoft must like it. I would like to say that SP1 for Vista cannot come soon enough, but I do not think that my Vista issue can be easily fixed with a service pack. I have not done anything extraordinary with the package, but I must say that things are as unstable as always. I just wish that Linux had a way to be more compatible with Windows applications so that I could run it with my Office programs. Even Ubuntu Feisty Fawn and its issues are better than the bugs floating through Vista.
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Saturday, July 07, 2007

Blame it on the City of Angels

OK, I know it was nearly a month before a post. That is not good, but I can blame this on my trip prep for my visit to th L. A. Metro area at the end of March. I know it is hard to believe that my work comes first and my hobbies and blog come second, but that is the way things go in my life.

So here is a picture that I took from the front seat of my rental car at the entrance of the Staples Center. I also visited many beaches in addition to spending many hours at work and being totally messed by the time change.

Oh well, Time to get back to life as usual.
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iPhone + iTunes 7.3: You are not a friend.

Last Sunday, I had decided to update my iPod after a long trip in which I had not refreshed my iPod and updated my Podcasts along with adjust my playlists and other things. Well, the autoupdate decided to push iTunes 7.3 on my Vista PC and obviously Apple did not thoroughly test this new application. The new hardware detection utility did not play well with Vista and it locked up my PC. It took me several hours of tinkering and uninstalling to eventually find the issue and downgrade my iTunes to 7.1. What a crock of crap.

I thought I was the only with the problem until I logged into ArsTechnica on Monday morning and found an article about the issues with iTunes 7.3 and Windows Vista. My biggest question is how my PC users bought what turned out to be a $700.00 paper weight instead of a Windows Vista capable device. I am growing much more disgusted with Apple and their lack of testing with Vista. It is not like this operating system has not been on the market now for 6 months. It is just frustrating.

BTW: Here is the link to the latest ArsTechnica Article: