Thursday, May 01, 2008

Over 6 months since my last post...

Hard to believe that my last blog post was on July 29th. Lots has changed while much more has stayed the same. I am in the process of launcing a new photography business with some neat twist to differentiate myself from the rest of the croweded field of photographers. I have thrown out Vista as a primary operating system on my PC due to issues around corrupted image files in both the RAW and JPG formats. I have expanded my photography equipment to where I am now shooting with a Canon 40D and a Canon 5D and lots of nice, fast L glass.

Much has changed, but the part that has stayed the same is me. Yep, same old Garison. Wish their was more to me, but not at this time.

The main thing is to continue to make regular blog updates. So once again I am thinking onward and upward so lets hope I can continue to make regular posts.

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