Sunday, June 07, 2009

Massacre at Washinton's HQ Valley Forge

Washington's HQ
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The blog post sounds like a battle took place at the Washington HQ site at Valley Forge, but that is further than the truth. The Massacre the Washington's HQ was on the surroundings. The federal government decided to move the parking lot on top of the hill, re-route the foot traffic through the train station, and then take out the path and put in concrete sidewalks to Washington's HQ. The cute little fence seen in this photo is gone and the area has gone from historical site to "Tourist Trap" look/feel with areas for tour buses. It is a really sad site to see history reversed for the sake of tourism.

Although, I have to say I have always called Valley Forge National Park "made up history," but the use of concrete and asphalt to move the parking area really made this a sad day for me. I liked the old way of the Washington's HQ site without the guided ranger tours and the self paced way around the area.

More pictures of the old Washington's HQ can be found at:

and at

I hope to have photos of the disastrous landscaping in the next few weeks.

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