Sunday, October 15, 2006

OH! I am so sick!

I got my packet from the BBB so that I could file an action against Ford for the axle issue that was not fixed in my Grand Marquis. Come to find out, the Better Business Bureau only supports actions for cars that are still withing the warranty period. This means that all of us with cars that are out of warranty but are manufactured with defects that do not surface in the first three years of ownership or first 36,000 miles, we have no way of going back against the manufacturer.

Something about this is really wrong considering that a failure of rear axle is somthing that can be catastrophic in nature. What if if the axle broke while cruising down the NJ Turnpike and my poor car was rear-ended by another vehicle? Can you say "KFB."

I think Ford along with the NHTSA has made a major mistake. If any litigator is looking to take on a potential class action case against Ford regarding these defective axle that are in all Panther vehicles manufactured in the 2002 calandar year, feel free to email me. or I will provide all of my notes and history for this issue with my car. Posted by Picasa

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