Sunday, October 01, 2006

This Is Not Good!

As many of the posters at CVN know, I love my 2003 Mercury Grand Marquis. It is quite simply, the most comfortable car for cruising the highways of America. Need to run to DC... No Problem... Two hours of riding in a comfortable leather couch and I am there. Refreshed and ready to work.

(Picture taken in Fairfield, NJ)

Well, now I am very mad at Ford Motor Company regarding my awesome car. The rear axle is in the process of failing and I am going to have to spend major dollars having it rebuilt at the dealership. To make matters worse, this axle failue is due to a manaufacturer's defect that is in all 2003 Mercury Garnd Marquis, Ford Crown Victorias and Lincoln Town Cars that were built at either STAP (in Canada) or Wixsom (in Michigan) during the 2002 calandar year. (My particular car has a July 2002 build date.) For reference, please see Ford TSB 03-03-05.

The problem with the axle is so bad that even the NHTSA stepped up and had Ford issue a recall (NHTSA Campaign #04V328000) to repair 47,314 fleet based Crown Victorias and Lincoln Town Cars. Sad part is that the rest of us with civilian CV's, non-Fleet Town Cars and Grand Marquis are left out in the cold with axles that are going to fail.

This leaves me very aggitated. Plus due to the fact that I purchased this car as a pre-owned vehicle, I do not have the backing of a state lemon law. I am quite confident that arbitration system put in place with the Better Business Bureau will do quite fine in finding a remedy to my problem, but it is just the hassle of hving to go through this process of getting things rectified.

So, tomorrow I am off to the dealership to get get the ball rolling and start the process.

More information to follow as it comes.


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pwag said...

Did you get the problem resolved with your 2003 Grand marquis? Did they pay for the repair to the rear wheel axle?