Saturday, May 12, 2007

Blue, Silver, & Black???

I finally found the place in Vista where I could change the color of my desktop in Vista. Please note that I am not talking about where I adjust the color of the candy like Aero-Glass interface but where I change the color of default blue to something more eye appealing or more bold. It happened while I was looking to blow away the Ribbon toolbar in Excel and I found the Excel options button hidden under the Office logo button. Great! So I eagerly clicked on the Color Scheme button to change Vista to look like something more Earthy and human looking. Something like Ubuntu!

That is when I found Blue, Silver & Black. Three options available just like Windows XP. What a crock of ....... Microsoft should be much better than this. Three options is not any more than what we had in the days of my IBM XT running an RGB monitor. EGA gave us 16 colors. VGA allowed us to use 256 simultaneous colors.

Now, these three colors are in addition to the additional variation that are found in the Areo Glass controls. Also, I still have not found a way to change the color of the start menu and taskbar unless I disable the aero interface and resort to using the old style windows interface.

Oh well, Beggers cannot be choosers, but at the price Microsoft is charging, I hardly call myself a begger for the money I have to shell out to keep my software licensed and legal.