Saturday, May 19, 2007

Onward and Upward!

Taking the path of least resistance is always the easiest way to go and that is true with Vista. Bashing the Vista OS is just getting to be less and less of a challenge considering that it uses tremendous amount of memory, has memory faults out the wazoo, and blue screens like mad. Well, after craziness that occurred when Vista flashed the bluescreen of death last week while trying to watch a movie through Media Center, the proof was there that Vista really does not need another Blogger bashing it on the web.

So I shall move on to other things such as reviewing software and describing the process I go through as I learn new applications. I plan on starting with Microsoft Expressions Web as well as the other Expressions products. I also plan on including some tips and tricks using tools that I have used for the last ten years in my job. So with that in place, it is time for onward and upward.

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