Friday, May 25, 2007

To WordPress or Not???

It is the Friday prior to a holiday weekend and the concept of a weekend computer project is tempting me. Many are on the plate and among the items to look at are learning how to use MS Expressions Web, updating the department websites and portals at work, or setting up wordpress on my web address and seeing if I can move my blog from blogger. The word press thing would make life much easier, but I think that huge move is going to be the big loser for the time being. The winner of the above contest was not even listed in the short list above because writing a project plan for a sales and use tax project is not the most mouth watering topic. Also not listed above but a finalist would be to update process flows from a Six Sigma study so that they can be leveraged in SOX audit. (Shudder...)

Perhaps this memorial day, I will toast my once enjoyable life and be thankful that I do have a job that I love despite the boring nature of some of the work that crosses my desk. Not every project can be as exciting as rolling out a new reporting tool or putting in e-Procurement. And not every project can be as challenging as creating a new set of reporting dashboards for quick snapshots of a business's health.

So it is off to the races and the winner is.........

(Wait til later this weekend to find out.)

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